Selling high quality customizable furniture online and offline

QW Furniture, a beloved family-owned furniture store in Rochester, MN, has been a community cornerstone for nearly three decades. They specialize in Amish furniture and offer a variety of renowned brands both in store and online. Their unique offering features high quality solid wood furniture that is fully customizable ensure the right piece is made to suit their customer’s needs. This great feature has enabled QW Furniture to grow a large customer base and continue to innovate on their Shopify store.


With any custom made to order products, comes a build time. QW Furniture recognized a need to enhance the online shopping experience for their customers and improve payment flexibility during the 6-8 week build time. The challenge was to streamline the payment process for customers awaiting production and offer partial payment without any manual work for the QW team. Affordability is critical for these high quality products and it was difficult to find a solution that didn’t result in tedious manual work for their team.


QW Furniture found the perfect solution in Downpay, an app seamlessly integrated into their Shopify storefront. Downpay enables customers to make a 30% deposits directly through Shopify, simplifying payments and providing a convenient option for those eagerly awaiting their custom furniture. Once the furniture was ready to ship, the QW team could collect the remainder of the payment directly from the card on file in Shopify and then prepare their products for fulfillment.


The integration of Downpay was a game-changer for QW Furniture. Transitioning from manual deposit invoices to offering a direct deposit option on their Shopify Storefront was met with enthusiasm from both staff and customers.


Along with deposits, QW Furniture features a rich experience customer to easily customize furniture before checkout out, a successful strategy that is helping made to order businesses manage less of the nitty gritty for their clients.


“We were previously having people call us to do that (deposits), now they can do it directly online and it is much more seamless.”

Collin Craven, GM | QW Furniture



In just 90 days post-implementation, QW Furniture experienced an impressive 30% increase in online sales. This surge can be directly attributed to the convenience and flexibility offered by partial payments with the Downpay app, empowering customers to split payments and help with affordability while awaiting their custom-built furniture shipment.

Customer Experience

QW Furniture’s decision to offer a deposit directly on their online store significantly improved the customer experience. Customers were already able to customize their furniture directly on the online store, but now they could choose to pay with a 30% deposit while their waited for their furniture. This option helped customers gain peace of mind, knowing their purchase is reserved while also providing better upfront affordability.

The QW Difference

The success with Downpay is a testament to QW Furniture’s commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience, both in-store and online. The ‘QW Difference’ extends beyond furniture; it’s about a seamless, enjoyable buying process.

Your Turn to Boost Sales

Join the ranks of successful businesses like QW Furniture by installing Downpay on your Shopify store today. Streamline your payment process, enhance the customer experience, and witness a remarkable boost in sales. Embrace innovation and make the ‘QW Difference’ your own.

Try Downpay today and give your customers payment flexibility.