A Triumph in Preorder Strategy with deferred payment that led to 50k units sold, $3.5M in sales in just 23 hours

When it comes to innovative in-car technology, Danish company OOONO has been leading the way with their CO-DRIVER NO1, an in-car device that warns drivers about speed cameras and danger on the road. CO-DRIVER NO1 boasts an impressive 2 million devices sold worldwide. Building on this success, OOONO recently unveiled the highly anticipated CO-DRIVER NO2, and the response was nothing short of extraordinary.

A Lightning-Fast Sellout

At 10:00 AM on Sept 20th, 2023, OOONO opened the gates for pre-orders of the CO-DRIVER NO2. The demand was staggering. Within just 15 minutes, they secured a staggering DKK 7.5 million (USD 1.07 million) in revenue. By the 23-hour mark, all 50,000 units of the CO-DRIVER NO2 were completely sold out, resulting in a monumental DKK 25 million (USD 3.5 million) in revenue – a single-day record for the company.

This meteoric success is a testament to OOONO’s dedicated community and the excitement surrounding their cutting-edge technology.

“We built the CO-DRIVER NO2 together with our community, therefore it was important for us to make sure our community would be the first to be notified about, and purchase the NO2. This made e-mail our only, and therefor most important marketing channel for this launch.”

- Stefan Bay Jensen | OOONO A/S

Powered by Downpay: Payment flexibility with deferred payment

One key factor in OOONO’s triumph was their strategic use of Hypehound’s Shopify deposit app: Downpay. By allowing customers to defer their payment until the product is ready to be shipped, OOONO navigated the challenge of batch production and was able to give customers a delivery date range. The strategy of deferring payment was critical especially with Europe’s strict consumer laws around selling pre-orders without exact dates. This approach provided a seamless experience for both merchants and customers, allowing for a smoother pre-order process.

“It was important for us, when looking for a Shopify app to handle our deferred payments, that as much as possible would be running natively on Shopify. With a Built for Shopify label, and 2 former Shopify employees behind the app, Downpay was the perfect choice for us.”

Stefan Bay Jensen | OOONO A/S

Years of Hard Work Culminating in a Perfect Launch

The achievement wasn’t a stroke of luck, but rather the result of years of dedication and hard work from every corner of OOONO’s organization. The CO-DRIVER NO2 launch was a testament to meticulous planning and impeccable execution. The unwavering support from their ever-growing community played a crucial role in making this milestone possible.

A Danish Success Story

OOONO, a company hailing from Denmark, has once again demonstrated their prowess in the field of in-car technology. The CO-DRIVER NO2’s unprecedented success not only showcases the strength of their product line but also exemplifies their mastery in strategic marketing and preorders.

In conclusion, OOONO’s CO-DRIVER NO2 pre-order campaign with deferred payment, stands as a shining example of a well-executed launch. The overwhelming response and record-breaking sales highlight not only the quality of OOONO’s products but also their ability to leverage flexible and performant payment solutions like Downpay for a seamless customer experience.

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