We’ve been hard at work building and enhancing features that help make partial payment on Shopify easy for everyone. In the past week, we found our we were eligible to apply for the Built for Shopify achievement. Long story short, we’ve officially been reviewed and approved by Shopify for this program!

What is Built for Shopify?

Built for Shopify is a set of quality standards designed by Shopify to help app developers deliver high-quality apps to merchants on Shopify. Apps have to pass a rigorous set of guidelines that include things like security, performance, design and usability. Along with passing on those tests, apps have to be in good standing on the Shopify App Store and have a certain amount of reviews. By achieving the Built for Shopify status, app developers also gain a variety of benefits such as a search rank boost, a badge on their listing page and they become eligible for promotions on Shopify’s home and story pages. You can imagine why we’re so excited about getting this status.


The interesting thing about Built for Shopify is that it’s an ongoing achievement. This means that apps can lose their Built for Shopify status if their app begins to cause problems in the various categories I mentioned above.

Personally, I think this will level up the Shopify ecosystem quickly and I can’t wait to see the collection grow. Plus, who doesn’t want the 💎 on their app listing page?

Why does Built for Shopify benefit merchants?

The Built for Shopify program helps merchants have piece of mind that apps they are installing on their stores follow a guideline set by Shopify to ensure high quality and high trust. Apps with the Built for Shopify status are integrated and feel seamless in the Shopify experience. This means apps enabling powerful workflows with Shopify built functionality like the bulk editor, discounts, and the index pages to name a few. An example from Downpay is our seamless integration with the Order Status page features that allows customers to pay the remaining balance of their order directly.

How to find all Built for Shopify apps

Shopify has made it easy to find high quality apps with their new Built for Shopify collection as mentioned above and Built for Shopify guide.

You’ll also be able to see the Built for Shopify badge on apps that have achieved this status.


What’s next for Downpay?

We’re so excited to have reached this milestone and achieved this status. We can’t wait to see what new programs Shopify offers and you can count on us to take part in all of them. So if you’re looking to offer partial payments on Shopify, try before you buy, or pre orders, try Downpay today and know that you’re getting a premium experience and in our opinion, the best deposit app for Shopify 😎.

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